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Quality, craftsmanship, design and pure perfection. Since 2006

My Story

My website name – pam-palma – tells a lot about me: my name is Pamela Harig and I live and work in Palma de Mallorca. Actually, I am German, originally from the Eifel region, and I passed my childhood living in close contact to the nature that would stimulate my creativity and my manual skills.

The game between inspiration, design and artistic flow has fascinated me ever since and to this day. So I discovered my passion for the craft, creating something with my own hands and since then it has become a crucial aspect of my life.

During my apprenticeship I discovered that craftsmanship and sensitivity for details go hand in hand in goldsmithing and that these artistic works are part of my personality and fit into my professional future.


The goldsmith’s trade combines manual work with creative aspects and so the stepstone was laid for my career from apprentice to master goldsmith with my own studio in Palma.I started to work in a goldsmith with a gemstone trade in Aachen, where I also discovered my passion to create my own jewelry from scratch. I started there as an apprentice and over the years I have become head of the workshop.

Seven years later, I had enough experience to take the next steps. So it was time to go back to school and I finally got my master’s degree in gold and silversmithing.The ten years that I spent in Aachen were a perfect basis and very fructous, as I was able to develop my skills as a goldsmith and jewelry designer, specialize in stones and be a teacher for new apprentices.


After two years of orientation as an emigrant on Mallorca, I dared to open my own workshop with a studio in Palma. I opened the doors of my first workshop in La Lonja in the historic center of the city: after weeks of dust and construction, I had my workshop, my own room.

For 17 years now, I have been able to develop my passion for the art of goldsmithing in the busy streets of Palma de Mallorca. Through my experience, craftsmanship and the acquisition of the title of master goldsmith, I have not only refined the art of goldsmithing, but also found a permanent place in the hearts of my valued customers.

It is with a sense of gratitude and excitement that now in 2024 I am opening my goldsmith’s studio in Santanyí, where I have passionately created a new, again very personal space in my style. This idyllic community offers not only an inspiring backdrop, but also the opportunity to focus on the essentials: creating timeless masterpieces. The move means not only a change of location, but also a new creative beginning, characterized by the natural beauty, the beautiful landscape, whether sea or mountains and the tranquility of the place.

My goldsmith studio in Santanyí is more than just a new location – it is a symbol of the continuity of my passion and commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. With a wealth of experience, the title of master craftsman and a new, inspiring environment, I look forward to continuing to delight my customers with unique pieces of jewelry. In Santanyí, the tradition of goldsmithing continues and a new era is ushered in at the same time.


What I offer on this website are collections that I have developed over the years. They reflect my style and spirit transformed into jewelry …. as you can see it swings between classic and contemporary, but never modern. Thanks to this special mixture, my jewelry is made to last a lifetime.

But I express myself best when I can make and design personalized pieces of jewelry by handI like the close connection with the other person, with my customers. I like to understand her essence and essence in order to find the best mix between your expectations and my style.In 2006 I opened a workshop with a studio in the heart of Palma, just a few steps away from the famous “Borne”.

I’ve been in Mallorca for many years now, I love this island because it’s cosmopolitan and respectful of one’s own private space at the same time. I love Palma for its old-fashioned style of life and its passion for arts.

Learn more about how I work and the process of creating your jewelry.

The TV documentary “My way” of the channel IB3 presents the creative collaboration of Palma Dog and goldsmith PamPalma.