Manufacturing Process

Est. 2008

My Craft

I specialize in creating unique, custom jewelry pieces. And this is what I love to do the most.
This kind of work requires creativity and great attention to the client’s expectations, but most of all it is important to build a good connection with the client.

The latter is especially easy for me. The ability to quickly put myself in the client’s frame of mind, but without losing focus, and the ability to create something that the client will love is something that comes easily and quickly to me, perhaps because of a good mix of experience and attitude.

This is one of the things I love the most about my job. Certainly, creating and making a piece of jewelry is more of a passion than a job, but when a piece of jewelry of mine touches someone deep inside… that’s what makes me truly happy.

Precious metals such as gold have the wonderful property of being able to be remelted and even recycled after processing. This means: fine gold, for example, can be recovered from old jewelry and can be completely reused. I prefer to make my jewelry from recycled gold and also process conflict-free diamonds according to the Kimberley Agreement.

On this page you will find some of the jewelry I have created for my clients. Each one is unique and will always remain so, just like the person who wears it now.


Experience meets craftsmanship

Being called an artisan makes me happy. It’s a name that brings to mind the old days and a blend of experience, professionalism and craftsmanship that goes into producing quality, often paired with art.

The process of making a piece of handmade jewelry is long and quite complex, and it has remained almost unchanged over time. It requires knowledge and experience, but also patience and self-control – especially when something goes wrong and you know you have to start all over again….

Many of my jewelry pieces have either stones or pearls on them. My personal taste, style, and experience certainly play a role in the selection of stones and pearls, but of course the final choice comes from discussions with the client. Here are some of the stones and pearls I usually use in my jewelry.


The process

Here is a brief description of how your expectations become your next jewel:


After discussing the project with the client, I create some drawings that depict the final result and are the basis for my work. Nowadays I could do this with 3D software, but I still prefer pencil and paper.


Now it’s time to choose the materials, based on the project and the client’s choice.


Once the project and materials are approved by the client, I make for example a wax model that I will use to prepare the plaster mold.


Melting and pouring is a particularly important and delicate step that requires experience, speed and concentration. Opening the mold and seeing that everything went well is still an exciting feeling.


I then work on the jewelry using a variety of techniques including welding, soldering, hammering, stone mounting and more, depending on the project.


Finally, I finish the surfaces according to the project and polish the piece of jewelry. Now it is ready for you.