Quality, craftsmanship, design and pure perfection. Since 2006.

The jewels I offer in my website come from the collections that I developed along the years.  They are my own style and soul made jewels: always between classic and contemporary, anyway never modern, which makes them jewels for a lifetime. 

Wedding rings

The realization of an individual piece of jewelry requires a great sense of personality and craftsmanship.

Talisman Collection

For me an old coin is a symbol of many beautiful thoughts. Lost, dug up and found again, it has outlasted many years. It has strength and patience until the lucky finder discovers it again, gives joy and a piece of security, because it constantly accompanies its new owner as a talisman.

Do you like the Talisman Collection?

My Atelier

This is my atelier where I warmly welcome my clients. A very discreet and quiet place, where my clients can find themselves at ease and share with me their expectations, and where I can spend the attention and time required to fully catch them.

Very intense moments that sometimes require a break. Or even a second appointment to give time to reflect upcoming ideas.